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Clinical Trials


There are many aspects to supporting a clinical trial and CE (ANZ) offers broad service capabilities.

  • We offer technical and clinical support in the catheter lab, operating room or clinic. 
  • We manage product, warehousing and logistics.
  • We prepare protocol supporting documents as required.
  • We liaise with ethics committees for approvals and government bodies (TGA & Medsafe) for regulatory compliance.
  • Clincal Engineers (ANZ) specializes in FIM (First In Man) Clinical Trials.

Our team is eager to support your trial in its different phases.



Therapeutic Expertise


Clinical Engineers (ANZ) has gained experience and knowledge in a number of medical areas including  

  • Cardiovascular and Electrophysiology 
  • Medical Devices  · 
  • Complex Implantable Medical Devices · 
  • Medical Imaging Equipment · 
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery · 
  • Gastroenterology · 
  • Renal/Hepatobiliary · 
  • Endocrinlology · 
  • Oncology ·
  •  Respiratory · 
  • Opthamology · 
  • Medical Imaging · 
  • Anesthesiology · 
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology  
  • Nanomedicine (Nanobots & Nanotechnology) 
  • Biosensors 

Skills & Additional Services


Clinical Engineers (ANZ) has acquired a number of important skills from our experience in clinical trials such as :

  • Technical and clinical support
  • Project Management · 
  • Patient Recruitment Initiatives · 
  • Metrics and Analysis of recruitment marketing initiatives  · 
  • Market Development Strategies ·
  • Business Development Strategies · 
  • Extension of site network · 
  • Commercialization implementation · 
  • Post market education and training · 
  • Product distributorship · 
  • Formulation of Market Development Strategies    

Staffing & Contracts


Our team is growing rapidly.  We will provide the relevant profiles of individuals in our service proposal once we have received the information about the Scope of Work to support your clinical trial.   We will also supply our standard fee structure and relevant non-disclosure documentation.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Scope Of Work

Scope of Work (pdf)


Scope of Work (docx)